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Personal Leadership Development

Throughout the EMBA, you will come to know your true strengths through our specially designed intensive workshops, customised assessment tools and 360-degree feedback sessions. Individual coaching sessions will offer you support along your journey and interactive sessions will help you to build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.


Personal Coaching

Through our collaborative culture, you have the opportunity to work one-to-one with faculty, staff and peers who can support you along your personal leadership journey. Your individual personal leadership coach will be there to offer you support over the 24-month period and assist you in overcoming any barriers that may prevent you from leading effectively. 


Personal Development

All of us learn and develop in our leadership at a natural pace throughout our lives – during PLD we accelerate that process to get you ready for that next career jump. PLD carves out precious time, often difficult to find in day-to-day life, to reflect opon cultivating our strenghts, being aware of our challenges, and becoming more purpose-driven in our work and life. Your leadership journey starts with two years interspersed during the Executive MBA, but should last a lifetime and aims to create forces for positive change – generating impact in those areas of work life that matter most to you.

Prof. Hannes Leroy, Professor for Personal Leadership Development, Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA.


"I was never trained for this!"

As Dr. Hannes Leroy puts it in his TED-Talk, there are plenty of leaders, who feel untrained for their position, while there is not a single surgeon,  who feels the same. 
Watch here the TED-Talk.

"Personal Leadership Development" (PLD) is key to our Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA and taught by the very same Dr. Hannes Leroy, where our EMBA students can develop themselves through intense workshops and coaching sessions. 



Group work, case studies, in-class exercises and discussions are all designed to make you examine your attitude and behaviour, while feedback from your peers offers opportunities to analyse your actions and enhance your personal effectiveness – all in a low-risk and confidential environment.


Leadership Expedition

To cap off your EMBA experience and your PLD journey, you will come to apply the competencies that you have obtained throughout the PLD programme during a ‚Leadership Expedition‘. This study trip will bring you into an international outdoor setting, for example in Norway, where your leadership skills will be challenged under exceptional circumstances. Split into different teams, you will hike around on different trails. Each day a ‚leader of the day‘ will be determined, who is then going to navigate the group, allocate tasks and pick a camping site.