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Digital Transformation Programme for Executives

Join the compelling Digital Transformation Programme for Executives developed by the University of Cologne Business School in cooperation with its renowned partner universities HEC (Paris), IVEY Business School (Toronto) and SSE Stockholm School of Economics (Stockholm) of the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS Alliance).




5.950,00 € plus VAT / Corporate partner and CEMS alumni: 4.950,00 € plus VAT

Programme Description

The programme introduces concepts and methods about how to cope with the challenges of today’s digital technologies. It focusses on what you need to know with respect to innovation strategy and digital business models. The interactive case-based approach will enable you to immediately apply state-of-the-art concepts and tools to innovate your own business and make you a driving force as a digital leader.


  • Define and execute own digital acceleration agenda
  • Understand and think about master core concepts and requirements of digital solutions
  • Understand the advantage of the hybrid approach (human machine) and requirements to win in the future


  • Advance own brand and position business practices through tailored case studies
  • Benefit from the expertise of some of the most renowned professors from UoC, Ivey, SSE, HEC
  • Build relationships with leaders for knowledge sharing and potential collaborations
  • Join in the first cooperation of the CEMS community in Executive Education

Target Group

Executives with a minimum of 10 years professional experience at senior management level.


5 modules à 4 hrs (online)


All modules at a glance

Module 1: Digital Leadership & AI

  • Digital Transformation - Opportunity for Change?!
  • Transformative Trends
  • Hurdles of Organisational Change and How to Overcome

Date: Thu 4 June (8am-12pm CET online)

Lecturer: Prof Detlef Schoder, University of Cologne


Module 2: Digital Mindset

Teilnehmende im Kurs

  • Organisational Ambidexterity
  • Innovator‘s Dilemma and Toxic Thinking
  • Generative AI and Innovation

Date: Wed 5 June (8am-12pm CET online)

Lecturer: Prof Detlef Schoder, University of Cologne


Module 3: Internet of Things

Discussion during the programme

  • Data Management and Analytics for IoT
  • Value Creation and Capture in IoT
  • Organising for IoT Design and Implementation

Date: Thu 20 June (8am-12pm CET online)

Lecturers: Prof Frida Pemer, Prof Holmer Kok, Stockholm School of Economics


Module 4: Omnichannel

Members in the course

  • Customer Journey
  • Channel Conflict and Omni-channel Challenges
  • Customer Access in the Era of AI

Date: Thu 4 July (8am-12pm CET online)

Lecturer: Prof Hernan Bruno, University of Cologne


Module 5: Analytics & Data Dividend


  • Predictive Analytics and Applications
  • Prescriptive Analytics and Optimisation
  • Tools and Organisational Maturity

Date: Thu 18 July (11 pm-3 pm CET online)

Lecturer: Prof Greg Zaric, Ivey Business School


Module 6: AI & Data-Driven Transformation


  • The How-Why-What of Data-Driven Transformation
  • Data-Driven Innovation
  • Executives in the Driving Seat

Date: will be announced shortly

Lecturer: Prof Julian Schirmer, HEC Paris


Members of the CEMS Global Alliance: