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Customised Programmes

We create customised programmes for your company that challenge and encourage your employees to reach their full potential. Are you looking for a variety of topics? Benefit from our different focuses – from the energy business to digital innovation and healthcare. We commit to the diverse needs of your company. First of all, we take the time to analyse and understand your needs in detail. Together, we will gradually develop the ideal programme for you and your employees. Strategically further your company with a customised programme of the University of Cologne Executive School and gain a long-term advantage. All customised programmes are run by the Business School of the University of Cologne on a private-sector basis.


Tailored to your needs

Our goal is to plan a programme that is tailored to the individual needs and processes of your company. We will do so in close collaboration with you. Your employees will undergo a lasting development – an added value that you will benefit from in the long run. Our customisation takes place on several levels:


Together, we will choose the content and topics that fit your industry best and customise them to the context of your business.

Teaching methods

Practical teaching methods allow you to apply the newly acquired knowlegde directly to your company. You will work on different case studies, some of which you also encounter in your day-to-day business. By doing so, you not only work together with experts from the University of Cologne and other institutions, but also with experts from relevant industries.


We customise the seminars completely to the knowledge and experiences of your employees. Reach your individual development goal strategically and effectively. Internationality is one of the focuses of our faculty: a benefit for the cultural diversity in your company.

Corporate culture

From medium-sized companies to start-ups: as diverse as companies can be, so are our customised programmes. Together, we will work out methods that will help you to deal with changes in your corporate culture.


Why our Business School?

Variety of topics

Take advantage of our variety of different topics. Together, we will compose the ideal programme for your employees. Alternatively, choose one of our certificate programmes or open programmes. In close cooperation with you, we will adjust those to your wishes and needs.


We offer customised programmes based on the latest research findings. Our acclaimed faculty uses innovative and future-oriented teaching methods. Their focuses range from entrepreneurship, leadership, Smart Mobility to process management and healthcare.


The University of Cologne Business School is able to look back on numerous cooperations with companies from various industries. Beginning with energy suppliers up to national hospital groups – our spectrum of customers is as broad as our choice of topics. Put your corporate education into experienced hands, when it comes to the creation of your costumised programme.


Step by step

1. Survey
Firstly, we will get together with you to gain an understanding of the processes in your company. Afterwards, we will determine which contents and strategies your company requires.

2. Design
We will use this understanding to design your customised programme.

3. Development
Afterwards, we will start the preparations for your tailor-made programme. We will create practical teaching material that is based on your everyday business.

4. Delivery
Our experts will then deliver tailor-made content through a variety of teaching methods.

5. Evaluation
Even after the successful execution of your costumised programme, our cooperation does not end. During the programme as well as afterwards, we will ask for your feedback. Together, we will evaluate the results of the programme and analyse the achieved changes. Thus, we guarantee you a superior quality of the programme.


Contact us!

Are you interested? Contact us for a personal consultation. Together with you, we will determine the needs and challenges your business is facing, in order to create the ideal costumised programme for your company.

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