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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

In an increasingly complex and globalised world, financial management is a key driver for the economic success of companies. Two questions are at the heart of a entrepreneurial decision: How should my company raise capital, and what does it use this capital for? To answer these questions, executives and managers need profound and up-to-date knowledge to integrate financially oriented approaches into their business decisions. During the two-day module, the participants will deal with the latest findings from science and practice in an interactive way. You will apply these findings to your professional context and evaluate concrete solutions: for decision-making, to increase corporate value and for sustainable economic growth. Please note: the programme is taught in German.


Download the brochure

Download the brochure with all information about the "Finance for Non-Financial Managers" programme.

Key Facts



5. - 6. September 2024 at the University of Cologne


Day 1: Finance I

  • Value-based management I: the role of a manager
  • Liquidity, profitability and financing: what role does the finance department play in the success of a company?
  • Interpreting financial ratios: the business reality behind the figures
  • Value-based management II: how do financial ratios help in dealing with scarce resources?
  • Stability in uncertain times: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

Day 2: Finance II

  • Evaluation of the company: forms and the effects on strategy and company value
  • Corporate financing: financing growth and supporting strategic developments
  • Mergers and acquisitions: drivers of company value
  • Communication: shareholders and stakeholders, internal and external

Lernziele und Benefits

  • Get to know the essential concepts and terms of accounting and finance
  • To gain an understanding of finance’s impact on corporate success
  • Analysis and interpretation of annual reports
  • Understand the interdependence between financial decisions and other business decisions, such as marketing strategies

"Finance is an essential part of every managers daily life. Regardless of whether you are evaluating a future project, acquiring capitcal or estimating the risks of an investment – you will need a deeper understanding of the finanical correlation. Therefore, this knowledge is equally releveant for Middle-Managers of all areas and company founders, who are looking for potential investors and opportunities for growth."

Wolfgang Massberg, Business Development Manager, Auxilium GmbH



Prof. Dr Monika Gehde-Trapp

Holder of the Chair of Financial Institutions at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tübingen

Professor Dr Monika Gehde-Trapp holds the Chair of Financial Institutions in the Department of Economics at the University of Tübingen, is a member of the Advisory Board of the German Society for Finance and designated board member of the Association of University Teachers for Business Administration e.V. Her teaching experience includes a wide variety of courses at Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral and Management level at the Universities of Tübingen, Hohenheim, Mannheim and Cologne as well as the WHU Vallendar. Her research focuses on professional asset management and the microstructure of financial markets.