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Omnichannel Transformation - Strategies for Future Success

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential driving forces in omnichannel marketing and acquire a versatile toolkit of frameworks and concepts applicable to various future scenarios.

The course is designed to support you in reshaping your omnichannel marketing strategy within the dynamic landscape of digital, direct to consumer commerce. We will equip you with the fundamentals of omnichannel management, covering channel strategy, channel roles, driving performance, and channel governance. Additionally, you will develop a deep understanding of key trends and developments influencing consumer behaviours, including digital channels and communication, from traditional eCommerce platforms to emerging socialCommerce channels, as well as technology, data, and overarching trends such as sustainability and purpose.



  • Attain a comprehensive understanding of omnichannel marketing and distribution management
  • Gain insight into the key trends and developments influencing consumer behavior


  • Learn from leading brands and companies’ strategies for successfully facing current challenges and developments
  • Collaborate effectively within a team and cultivate a high-performing collaboration model

Target Group

The certificate programme targets young and senior professionals. 


Programme schedule

Day 1: Introduction to Omnichannel Marketing: Navigating Trends, Consumer-Centricity, and Brand Touchpoints

  • Omnichannel marketing – fundamentals and key characteristics
  • Key trends and developments in the consumer facing industries
  • New horizontal reality in distribution management – consumer-centricity
  • Identify key brand touchpoints and external forces influencing the distribution

Date: 19 September 2024 in Cologne, UCBS Campus

Lecturer: Dr Jörn Küpper



Day 2: Strategies and Solutions: Omnichannel Marketing Toolkit and Case Study

  • External stimulus
  • Omnichannel marketing – approach and toolkit
  • Case study 

Date: 20 September in Cologne, UCBS Campus

Lecturer: Dr Jörn Küpper


Day 3: Reflecting and Refining: Feedback and Wrap-Up Session

  • Case presentations
  • Feedback session on case work
  • Recap and summary

Date: 21 September 2024 in Cologne, UCBS Campus

Lecturer: Dr Jörn Küpper




Dr. Jörn Küpper

Dr. Jörn Küpper is a Senior Partner in McKinsey's Cologne office and has been with the company for 25 years. He is a global leader in McKinsey's global Consumer Practice. Prior to joining McKinsey, Jörn worked for a communication agency. He earned a degree in Business Administration and International Marketing & Management from the Saarland University and a PhD in Marketing from the University of Hannover. He is an adjacent lecturer at the University of Cologne. Jörn is working with leading Consumer Brands. He has a deep passion for Marketing, Consumer, and Sports. In this spirit he has been recently involved in various research initiatives and publications, including Consumer of the Future, Cosumer 2030, Retail Vision 2025, etc. Jörn has been a guest speaker at various international events, including Global CE Conference, Global DIY Summit, Group d'Ouchy Management Circle, European Media Day and at selected Investor conferences of leading Financial Institutions.