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Employer benefits

Your company will benefit directly from the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA. It introduces renewed energy, the latest strategic ideas and new knowledge that can be shared with others in your organisation for inspiration and the development of your business. It gives you a connection to a worldwide resource of experts, institutes and other firms. The programme’s applied in-company thesis will produce a fast and tangible return of investment with its research expertise and new connections to other corporates through interactions in the study programme – guest lectures, in-company projects and more.


Gain a High-Performance Leader

As an employer of a participant in the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA, your company benefits directly. Observe your investment and the transformation of a high-potential candidate into a high-performance leader, positively affecting everyone who works with her/him. You can expect your employee to bring a renewed vigour into his or her role, as well as the latest strategic ideas and cutting-edge knowledge.


Support High-Potentials

There are many ways a company can sponsor its High Potentials. The most obvious is financing the tuition fees and the expenses for travel and accommodation. Companies also lend support by providing participants with scope to apply new ideas. The part-time schedule of the Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA is designed to minimise time away from the office. However, one of the most important resources a company should offer an EMBA participant is time.