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Financing Options


Get the most relevant information about financing options and other financial benefits to support your Executive MBA. Receive an overview of scholarships, loans as well as education funds. Benefit from a possible tax rebate and educational leave.



We support our most exceptional candidates for the Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA with different partial-scholarships.

If you want to apply for a partial-scholarship, please attach a letter of motivation to your online application. It should explain why you deserve the scholarship. Please also include the most important professional and personal successes. 
Admission to the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA is granted independently of the award of a scholarship. A scholarship for the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA can only be awarded in the course of the application process.

If you have any questions, please contact us here:


Women for Leadership

Committed to increasing the gender equality of the Executive MBA class and business environment, the Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA offers the “Women for Leadership” scholarship to females demonstrating exceptional business leadership potential.

Selection Criteria: The scholarship will be merit based and thus the quality of your leadership potential and your work experience will be the criteria for assessment, which you demonstrate in your CV, letter of recommendations and admission interviews. The jury will also look at your cultural background.


Women in Business

Our "Women in Business" scholarship is aimed at outstanding women whom we wish to support in their pursuit of academic excellence and professional success. We firmly believe that women play a crucial role in the business world and want to provide them with the opportunity to unleash their full potential.

Selection Criteria: This scholarship is open to all women who demonstrate a strong commitment to their education and professional development. Regardless of your background or field of study, we encourage all women to apply for this scholarship and seize the opportunity to further enhance their skills. Apply now and join us in shaping a gender-equal future in the business world!



We believe that diversity in a group from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences is the key to driving innovation and creativity. The University of Cologne Business School supports diversity and awards candidates with the diversity scholarship.

Selection Criteria: The scholarship is not only merit based. We will also look at your profile in terms of origin, school background, gender and skills as well as international experience (familiy background, work experience).


Pride in Business

Our “Pride in Business” scholarship is specifically designed for members of the LGBTQ+ community, aiming to strengthen their unique perspectives and talents in the business world. We firmly believe that the diversity of our student community is a source of strength and innovation, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all students can unleash their full potential.

Selection Criteria: Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, we invite all LGBTQ+ students to apply for this scholarship and seize the opportunity to pursue your professional dreams.


Young Talent

We support young talents! Therefore the University of Cologne Business School awards promising employees with the „Young Talent“ scholarship, who are planning to finance the MBA programme by themselves. 

Selection Criteria: The „Young Talent“ scholarship is not only merit based. We will also look at the quality of your career potential, your work experience and your motivation will be the criteria for assessment, which you demonstrate in your CV, letter of recommendations and admission interviews.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We place great importance on Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. If your career exhibits extraordinary accomplishments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, this scholarship makes a perfect fit for you.

Selection Criteria: The scholarship is not only merit based. We will also look at your profile concerning your achievements in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and regarding the contribution you are striving to make in this area.


EMBA Assistance Award

The Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA is designed for top-performers. With the "EMBA Assistance Award", we ensure that this outstanding programme is accessible to all high-potential executives, regardless of their financial situation.

Selection Criteria: The Assistance Award is open to high potential candidates who are in need of financial aid to enable them to pursue their EMBA degree. We will additionally look at your profile concerning your leadership capabilities and achievements you had in your career and your financial situation.


Alumni Offer

We believe in and foster life-long learning. Hence, we are offering graduates from the University of Cologne or the Erasmus University Rotterdam the “Alumni Discount”. This includes 10% tuition fee waiver of the Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA.


Loans and Education Funds

A selection of available loans and education funds in Germany to support your studies. All these options are eligible for EMBA students:

Please get detailed information about each terms and conditions from the individual patrons.


Tax Rebate

EMBA students can deduct the tuition fees and further expenses related to their studies from their taxable income. Requirements are: You are a German resident, taxable in Germany and finance your studies yourself. Please discuss your specific situation with your tax advisor.


Educational Leave

The Business School of the University of Cologne has been accredited by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA is a state-approved educational programme. Thus EMBA students living and working in NRW are eligible to apply for five days of educational paid leave per year.

For more information contact our Admission Office via


Friend Referral Offer

You are a current student or an alumni of the Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA? Seize this opportunity and tell a friend or a colleague that you value his/her talents and abilities and feel he/she would be a great and successful fit for the part-time Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA programme. The candidate you refer will get a first-priority application review!

If your friend or colleague enrols in the EMBA programme you can benefit from one of our exclusive rewards:

  • Get four additional coaching sessions for yourself
  • Get a bonus of 3,000 € - to share with your friend
  • Take part in one of our electives during the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA*

For more information, please contact our Admissions Team:

The Friend Referral Offer does not apply to people who meet during an EMBA event.

*Only electives that take place in Cologne