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Digital Leadership and Innovation

Digital Innovation is the lifeblood of any organisation, large or small. It is a crucial ability which ensures long-term sustainability of a business by allowing continuous adaptation to changing environments. But it is also a capability that is hard to achieve, maintain or replicate in the face of changing and emergent new digital technologies that upend and disrupt organisation, sectors and entire markets. Anticipating, mastering and deploying novel digital technologies and understanding their impact on strategy, processes, organising and customers is a crucial competitive advantage to mastering and leading in the digital innovation challenge.

Increasing the digital capabilities of companies requires specialist knowledge and skills. Our thought leaders from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (WISO) and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, have partnered with trusted external institutions and experienced experts to bring you a cutting-edge programme that will expand and deepen your knowledge and hone your skills to cope with digital change.


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Issued by University of Cologne Business School


€4.950 (Modules can bee booked separately for €1,690 each)


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The certificate programme Digital Leadership and Innovation (DLI) improves your competence and excellence in Digital Innovation. Using a systemic and holistic approach and building on established methodologies such as Agile, Lean or Design Thinking, it updates your core competencies and capabilities across three key building blocks – Innovation LeadershipDigital Marketing and Operations Strategy and Digital Innovation Strategy.

All modules teaching these building blocks will be infused with knowledge about relevant digital technologies core to all elements – be it Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain. Drawing on the expertise of practitioners and industry thought leaders, each module will feature expert sessions to cover these and associated digital technologies as they relate to the building blocks.


Module 1: Innovation Leadership

Learn to develop innovation capabilities and innovation courage and how to implement them in your workgroups and teams. Apply your newly acquired knowledge to a digital innovation challenge with which your company is faced.

Dates: 12 - 14 September 2024 (Thu-Sat)

Module 2: Digital Marketing and Operations Strategy

Use analytics to understand your digital customers and utilise it in marketing. Understand how you can use new technologies and data analytics to implement process innovations.

Dates: 26- 28 September 2024 (Thu-Sat)

Modul 3: Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship

Understand digital business models, platforms and ecosystems and learn how you can use them to transform your company. Learn to use tools and concepts that allow for mastering the entrepreneurial process of the digital age.

Dates: 17 - 19 October 2024 (Thu-Sat)