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Leadership Expedition in Norway

Embark on a life-changing leadership expedition in the stunning landscapes of Norway! Tailored for both young and senior professionals, this exclusive programme, led by seasoned professionals, accelerates unparalleled personal and professional growth.




Expedition: 10 - 17 August 2024 (+ Leadership Course and Online Preparation in June and July)

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Download the brochure with all information about this Leadership Expedition and all courses for this programme.

Programme Description

This result-oriented leadership development journey encourages stepping outside comfort zones and leveraging the wilderness environment for intensive coaching and peer-to-peer learning. Guided by expert coaches, participants engage in challenging yet rewarding learning opportunities, fostering resilience and building strong bonds in a small group setting.


  • Elevate your leadership potential with our programme tailored to hone your unique leadership style
  • Fostering self-awareness through personalised 360° feedback and strengthen relationships
  • Gain actionable insights and skills to manage uncertainty and inspire innovation
  • Utilise your experience and make an immediate impact as a confident leader upon your return


  • Unforgettable moments of self-discovery and camaraderie
  • Three-day on-campus leadership course, Online sessions and team meetings
  • Elevate your leadership skills in one of the world‘s most awe-inspiring settings

Target Group

The programme is tailored for both young and senior professionals.


Leadership Expedition in Norwegen (5 days), including a 3-day Leadership course on campus and 2 days of online preparation for the expedition. 


Programme Schedule

Three-day leadership course in Cologne

Discover the art of leadership navigation with our unique Leadership Compass. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and leadership style from different perspectives through 360-degree feedback. Discover the concept of purpose-led leadership and learn how pushing boundaries can lead to professional reinvention. Upon completion of the course, you will be ready to fulfil your role as a leader with a new sense of purpose.

Dates: 10 - 12 June 2024 (9.30-16.30 hrs, CET) University of Cologne

Lecturer: Dr. Hannes Leroy, Professor of Leadership Development 


Online Preparation Sessions for the Expedition

In the two online seminars to prepare for the expedition, you will learn how you can best prepare for your trip. You will also get to know the leadership coaches and outdoor guides who will accompany and support you throughout the trip. Afterwards, the detailed planning for the upcoming Norway expedition will be discussed and any unanswered questions will be clarified together.

Dates: Two evenings in July, online

Lecturers: Outdoor and Leadership Coaches & UCBS Team


Norway Expedition: Connect with Nature and Yourself

Unlock your leadership potential amidst the stunning landscapes of Norway with our exclusive leadership expedition. Immerse yourself in a multi-day programme that goes beyond conventional leadership training.

Date: 10 - 17 August 2024 in Norway 

Lecturers: Outdoor and Leadership Coaches & UCBS Team



Result-Oriented Leadership Development

Lead without the crutch of professional context or substantive expertise, and discover new dimensions of leadership. Our expedition encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, revealing both strengths and limitations. Learn how mindfulness enhances decision-making, and leverage the wilderness environment for intensive coaching and peer-to-peer learning.

Challenging yet rewarding learning opportunities

Immerse yourself in a multi-day programme that goes beyond conventional leadership training. Our expedition is meticulously crafted to provide you with numerous learning opportunities, challenging you both mentally and physically. As you navigate the wilderness alongside your intimate group of 7 to 8 participants, you‘ll build strong bonds, gain self-knowledge, and emerge as a more resilient leader.

Connect with Nature and Yourself

Experience the breathtaking Norwegian nature like never before as you trek through the wilderness for six to eight hours a day. In this back-to-basics adventure, sleep in wilderness huts or tents, and face unique challenges daily. Disconnect from the digital world, and discover the profound impact of mindfulness on decision-making.

Unique Accompaniment by Expert Coaches

Our expedition is guided by a team of dedicated coaches renowned for their expertise in leadership development. Passionate about empowering individuals to harness their authentic selves as a source of leadership power, our coaches are committed to guiding you through this transformative journey.

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Programme Fees

€ 5,950* plus 19% VAT (Discounts available for groups, please contact the Programme Office)

INCLUDED: 3 days Leadership Course (meals & drinks included), 2 Online Sessions, 5 days Leadership Expedition (meals & drinks + a farewell dinner included), Flights and travel arrangements are not included.

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