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International Study trips

Part of the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA curriculum are two international study trips. During these trips (each is one week in length) you will expand your understanding of business in a significantly different socioeconomic and cultural environment.


1. Year

All around the world...

For your study trip, you have the possibility to choose your destination from a range of  nine differents destinations. This selection varies on a yearly basis. Additionally, each destination is linked to a specific topic. Therefore, when making your decision, you can either favor a destination or a topic. In previous years the study trips have visited Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A typical week consists of lectures, in-class discussions and visits to local enterprises for a deep insight into the local business and social culture.


2. Year

Leadership Expedition

The second trip takes place in an outdoor setting. At the end of your EMBA journey, you will spend one week in an international setting, such as Norway, where your leadership skills will be tested during a large-scale expedition. You will come to apply the competencies that you have acquired during the Personal Leadership Development under exceptional circumstances.

During this week your cohort will be split into different teams that each is going to explore the area on different routes. Each day a different team member will be declared the ‚leader of the day‘, who will then be responsible for the navigation of the group, the allocation of tasks and the choice of a suitable camping site.